Tuchel doesn’t hunt down witches who vaccinate them

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Thomas Tuchel, head coach of Chelsea, continues to hold on to the concept of good people the world has been waiting for. when not accusing many of his own followers for refusing to vaccinate against COVID-19 Until this time, Camp Cobham caused the coronavirus outbreak to spread more and more.

Tuchel said at a press conference ahead of the Carabao Cup quarter- final visit to Brentford that as many as seven players had tested positive for coronavirus, despite Jorginho at Missed the game against Wolves at the weekend and was back in the squad because of inaccuracies.

And although Chelsea have won just one of their five games in all competitions, partly because of the coronavirus, the 48- year- old boss has not blamed the players , not specifying who has refused vaccinations. tell a personal matter The team has a duty to solve problems according to the situation.

The team has a duty to solve problems according to the situation.

” I don’t want to get involved in pointing fingers or starting a hunt for who isn’t vaccinate, ” Tuchel said.  

“ This is a choice that must be decided for ourselves. I can only offer my opinions, but players can have their own standpoints. ” 

“ We cannot go and force anyone to vaccinate. And I did not change my opinion on such matters. ” 

“ I personally have been vaccinate. It’s your own decision about it. I am not one to offer any point of view. Well, since it’s not a specialist. ” 

However, the Deutsche boss admits that the coronavirus pandemic has created problems in organizing the line-up.

“ First of all, a player has to be out for 10 days, it’s not like having a small injury. Or a little bit of anxiety and having to take a game off, they were gone for 10 days and during these 10 days we had three matches so the problem is here. ”

“ Our strength is very strong. But it’s not the biggest powerhouse. So when a player lacks to 9 people, we have a problem . “

“ Having a team of 13 or 14 players, you can handle a situation like this one match. We can and we can fight. But then the problem persists. ”

Statistics show that up to 16% of English Premier League players are not vaccinated against coronavirus , 84% have received at least one injection and 77% have completed the dose .