Premier League OK postpones Burnley

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The English Premier League have approved a request by Everton to postpone their game against Burnley on December 26. Because of the lack of capacity due to quarantine due to coronavirus health/safety measures. -19 and sustained injuries

This decision of the league formed after the press conference. Announced the availability of Rafael Benicia State Palace on Thursday attacked the Executive Committee of the League. Which did not rush to agree to a request from the elite team of Merseyside early  

The situation at Finch Farm , at this time, Benicia Venkatesh remaining player from the team’s field just 9 people only make Spanish Boss wants to postpone the match turn away at Moore away.

After the English Premier League board reconsidered Friday morning ( local ) either injury options or quarantine due to coronavirus. In the end, the organizers agreed to the request from ‘ Blue Taffy ‘. 

The Coast Sean Dyce manager . Team Bern Crowley may not appreciate much because the ufabet game is moving with equal with four rounds remaining after the encounter Tottenham , Watford knife , Everton. As the home team and duel Aston Villa as the away team  

Were present on Boxing Day left a 7 out of 10 pairs game slide in Bern, Crowley – Everton was the Leeds – Liverpool and Wolfsburg Wolverhampton – Watford knife.