Pogba must stay until the end of the 2021-22 season

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba must stay as a defendant until the end of the 2021-22 season. And will not move to his favourite in the winter next month. According to the buy-sell guru. Highly reliable like Fabrizio Romano

Status of Pogba was vague on the obligation not end otherwise . A . In 2022 and until now has not signed the increase, resulting in the change of the calendar year can apply to a contract for 6 months last fall with the team abroad to prepare for the event. free agent  

Cause stream that John Murray Tufts Director of Football United, imagine reading Kmkigdikweakmtd sells Star aged 28 years, the market in January next year to withdraw from the arrests of more than 89 million pounds to buy from Juventus last summer. 2016 

However, Romano confirm absolutely that the ‘ Red Devils ‘ no negotiations to sell Pogba next month and still firmly based on the original plans , no plans whatsoever to release , no redemption or something like that.  

The new contract with the club stood on the left side of the negotiating table with Pogba from a . C . , Then pulled back.  

Attitude from midfield world champion and super agent amino Rio’s fixed wireless mobility. Intends that the process of rehabilitation for a groin injury in the Middle East is now complete.