AC Milan defender Simon Kier has spoken about the coming year 2021

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AC Milan defender Simon Kier has spoken about the coming year 2021 with both his impressions and the worst injuries of his life.

         The Denmark international centre-back suffered a serious injury in the team’s win over Genoa on December 1. After a thorough examination, he underwent surgery and will be out for six months and is expected to be out of action again this season. Left Which referred to about injuries and what happened this year.

         “I feel, unfortunately, I had to suffer a serious injury. It takes time and patience,” Kier said during a talk on Milan TV. 

         “I don’t post much on social media. I live with my family But now I have the opportunity to thank everyone for their concern. My goal now is to work hard and come back.”

   “What happened in 2021 was the year… with what happened to my friends at the Euros, the Ballon nominations. Door for the first time and then the first serious injury in his career.”

         “It’s an opportunity to think a bit and work on different parts of the body. Which I have never had the opportunity to do before. Of course, injuries weren’t what I wanted. But it happened and now it gives me the opportunity to do a lot of things ufabet.”

         “I get a lot of messages from people I don’t know. It’s a source of great pride. Like Inter, they show that we are rivals but when this happens We are all human beings.”

         “I thank them. But they know when I come back I will not give up on them!”