Gary doesn’t believe Tuchel has been pressured

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Ex-Manchester United defender Gary Neville does not believe Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel will be pressure by the club. Due to his late performance.

         “Sing the Blues” has drop points continuously in the past until now. Being hit by Manchester City. Who have overtaken to the top of the crowd and are 6 points away. Which the last game drew with Wolves 0 -0 The team submitted a request to the Premier League to postpone the game but was reject. This made the German boss sarcastic by sending only 6 reserves and 2 goalkeepers.

         Asked if Tuchel was under pressure after the team’s run down, Gary told Sky Sports: “I think he has accumulated enough credit.”

         “I know this is a club that does things very differently. But I hate to think that Thomas Tuchel is under pressure and they think that will change.

         “I think he’s a little worry. I think mentally when you try to yell at the game. And be told to play. I can’t think that would help the idea of ​​the team.”

         “I know he hasn’t sent all the reserves. And we will have to ask it later why the young players are not playing. But it’s a strong Chelsea team.”