Conte said at a press conference ahead of Crystal Palace

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte said at a press conference ahead of Crystal Palace (Dec 26) that the squad will lack the same faces. As for the details of the league’s multi-party meeting on Thursday, it’s a waste of time because I can’t see anything getting any better.

There was a video conference yesterday. Conference meetings between manager . The team , the Premier League and the network broadcast. About the Covid Omicron epidemic situation , the solution to the problem or the possibility of postponing the race queue  

The overall picture that came out did not like the 52- year- old boss to the point of complaining about being a bee-eating bear. Conte

“ Let’s talk about the condition of the team first, at the moment there is no further news. Probably because on Thursday we had a break in training , and as far as we can see. Christian Romero is still injured , Ryan Sassellon is still injured – just now there is no progress, ” the Italian boss said.  

“ The details of the meeting on Thursday It’s like you’re walking up against a wall, you can talk, you can ask for whatever you want. But every decision has been made. ” 

” These Asst . Teams, we try to do as a man. Many coaches communicated to inquire about the situation. But I think everything was decide in the first place. Yesterday was like talking to a wall – and for this reason I did not participate in any discussions or discussions. ” 

The conclusion from the English Premier League is that the game will continue. If any pair is not ready to compete, the game will be postponed. and hit 3 marathons in ten calendar days