Bernardo reveals life turning from excess to breath

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has revealed that at the end of the 2021 season he is keen to leave the ufabet club because he is unhappy with the English lifestyle. But when he misses his hopes, he focuses on creating a full-fledged work. Then it turned out that the position from the reserve throughout the era converted to a backlash that the team manager, Josep Guardiola, forbidden.

Bernardo’s performance collapsed last season until he dropped out of the reserve , the lockdown situation does not travel. Plus faced a lonely time in Manchester as a new girlfriend still lives in Portugal. Thus causing the Shin fanatic to love, bored, endure the side of the ass. Notify the agency to move out before the 2021-22  season starts.

However, there is no commensurate offer to submit to the 26 – year-old footballer, so he has to endure the ‘ blue sails ‘ .

Then it turns out that the thinking system is determined to create results on the field to get the attention of other camps. The results are more than expected. Because he became happier at the Etihad Stadium , the role returned to Pep ‘s darling and became a breath of life that City cannot live without.  

“’ I felt a little isolated during my time in England. And I’m not happy with life at all. ” Opening your mouth with ‘ Times Sports ‘

“ And when you’re unhappy? The work didn’t turn out as good as when I was happy. Honestly, my body is great, but when you’re not smiling, go to work. However, the result is not good. ” 

“ So I consulted the club that I wasn’t happy with life here. I want to move closer to my family. ” 

“ The transfer request was not because of a problem with the agency, because I love Manchester City . ” 

“ I love the teammate , love the fans , love the club – which after nothing happens have to stay. I told myself that wherever Let’s try to do the best work for the team for a long time as long as they are still together in the roof. ” 

That mindset has made Bernardo outstanding again, making 35 appearances in all competitions , scoring 10 goals and providing three assists. Received the best player of the month for the club several times.